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December 22, 2011


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Thank you for this very helpful article. Your words rang true to me!

Kristen Beireis

Hey Tatiana,

I'm so glad this article was helpful for you. In what way did it ring true for you? I'd love to know what you are taking away and how you will apply the concepts in this article...if you are willing to share.

Create a great day!

Terri Zwierzynski

Very well said, Kristen. So many folks are over-focused on how many people they have on their list rather than the quality of the connection they can make with them...it's much more important to get the RIGHT people on your list, who like you (at least a little to start!), like what you have to say and offer, and eventually will buy and/or tell others about you. Thanks for highlighting this topic!

Kristen Beireis

Agreed, Terri. The key is focus. If you gear your marketing to those who like you most, more people will buy into and share your work. By speaking to them directly, you grow their trust in you. People buy from those they trust.

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