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March 15, 2012


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Tatiana Abend

This is very helpful, Jennifer, thank you! I work in health and wellness and most often the elephant rider, in this analogy, wants to lose weight and achieve work/life balance in one way or another, yet the elephant is already comfortably lying down, asleep actually. The elephant gets rather annoyed when woken up to walk on what is perceived to be a VERY bothersome journey! So the client would know where to start by clearing the path, caring for the elephant, and revealing the bigger benefits of getting to that chosen destination.

Jennifer Day

Thanks for your comment, Tatiana. Well put! The elephant is, I also find, often very resistant, although I find it more relaxed and open to being helped when the rider is taught how to access/generate the good feeling state. It's a little like giving the client a tool to get back up from the canyon (of emotions) before sending them down into it!
Thanks again for your comment :-)

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